On July 12, 2016, I came to the Healing Rooms of Halifax, Church of Our Saviour at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I received healing scriptures to read. They told me I was loved by God, and I should keep saying back to Him… I love You God.

Speak it out loud… I love You God, I love You God. Also mentioned, was Psalm 64… to take refuge in Him. John 6:63 and asking me to be bold and strong… to ask for strength and courage, to lean on God and not my understanding, for behold He is always with me.

Also mentioned, was an animal… a Moose, funniest thing is… I could honestly relate to a Moose animal… for they (the healing team), had no way of knowing my nickname growing up as a child, by my father, was Moose!!!

Being the eldest of 8 siblings in the family of divorced parents, I had to take charge, strong like a Moose I had to be, to get the job done.

God is good, God is great, He was my imaginary friend my whole life. The thing I did not know is that He was real, and also my childhood protector… God!

Thank You Heavenly Father!

Thank you healing ministry team.