Here is the testimony of my experience at the healing room…

I had been struggling with a change in eyesight clarity in my left eye.

Over the previous week or so, it seemed like the prescription in my left eyeglass lens was wrong. With glasses on or off my left eye was noticeably less able to see things in focus. I have had a previous condition with a thickening of the cornea that produced a similar experience and thought it may be reoccurring.

We attended the healing room this particular night specifically for an ailment my wife had been experiencing, but I thought I too would take advantage of the prayer team to address my eyesight concern.

As we were waiting, and praying and just enjoying the peace and presence of the Holy Spirit, I began to notice that my ability to see the front of the church was better and better. By the time I was called up for my prayer session, my eyesight had been restored to where I could see clearly through both eyes, equally clear. So my time with the prayer team was more of a praise report and testimony of what had already taken place while I was waiting.

This is a testimony to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the whole building and area at the time. Praise the Lord for what He does in His own timing and his own way.

Thanks for your faithfulness in creating the environment for Him to do His work.