How do you walk out of breast cancer or prevent it?

(Henry Wright) In the case of a woman in North Carolina (in the book A More Excellent Way™), she had tumors in both breasts because she had bitterness against her mother and a mother-in-law. In her case history, when I did a conference, I taught this. I didn’t see left breast, right breast, I just saw the connection between females. She didn’t come to me, and I didn’t pray for her. She went home convicted.

Editor’s Note: Tumors in the left breast indicate a possible conflict with a female blood relative while tumors in the right breast indicate a possible conflict with a female non relative.

Well, that’s a good place to be…not condemnation. When you go to condemnation, you’ll never be healed. You go to conviction and God is with you.

He wants you to defeat your enemy and become free. In her case, she repented to God, and then she felt like she should go to her mother. And she went to her mother and repented and made her peace with her mother. When her doctors rechecked her, all tumors had left in only the left breast. She went back to her prayer closet and said, God, why only one breast? In her mind these words formed, “you’ve only done half the work. What about your mother-in-law?” She went back to her mother-in-law, made peace with her and repented. When her doctors checked her shortly thereafter, the tumors had left the right breast. This has been about 6 years ago, and she’s been cancer free ever since. She holds Bible studies in her home every Thursday night and teaches these principles.

So the issue is this. Breast cancer has become such a big thing, but we can defeat it. If you’re out here and you’re a female, and if what these doctors are seeing is true, and if what I’m seeing in over 20 years of experience is true, then we have the ability (just like this pastor’s wife in Cincinnati, just like this lady in North Carolina) to become cancer free. You’re going to have to let the Word of God expose your enemy to you, which I have done today. You have a breach. Those breaches are sin because God has called us to be reconciled, and not just to Himself. God has called us to be reconciled to ourselves and to others. That’s the part of the gospel we don’t want to practice. We want to be reconciled to God, but we’re not sure about our mother-in-law, we’re not sure about our mothers, we’re not sure about our sister-in-laws. It’s a trust issue, a fear issue.

If you don’t have cysts or cancer in your breasts, but you have bitterness and this high octane ping (or feelings) about these females in your life, it’s time to forgive them. You can forgive them because you understand it isn’t them to begin with. It’s the sin that lives within them that’s manifesting through them making a victim out of you. So how about hating their sin, but loving them? How about loving yourself?

We have this opportunity to help you. If you’re a female, and you have these feelings, please get right with God. Please make your peace.

Original Source: Be In Health Global, Henry W. Wright, Donna Wright. It’s a New Day Interview with Henry W. Wright and Donna Wright:¬†2004.
DVD Course Material. Pleasant Valley Church, GA, 2006. Print.