Who should be ministering to the body of Christ?

It’s not only up to the pastors to take care of healing or creative miracles.

There is a parallel of our body healing itself (we don’t go to the doctor every time we cut our finger.) and the Body of Christ healing itself. Today the Body of Christ is not healing the Body of Christ.

In part, our disease or health comes from within, out of our spirituality.

We are a spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a mobile home (body). The real person is the spirit being on the inside. We are sons of God and daughters of God by faith.

The soul is a bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. Our spirituality (how we think) is superimposed on our soul.

7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Proverbs 23:7 KJV

Original Source: Be In Health Global, Henry W. Wright, Donna Wright. It’s a New Day Interview with Henry W. Wright and Donna Wright:¬†2004.
DVD Course Material. Pleasant Valley Church, GA, 2006. Print.