Can I go to Be In Health™ for more instruction in spiritual roots of disease?

At Pleasant Valley Church, there are year round seminars going on two consecutive weeks out of every three. The third week is actually the administrative break to regroup and take care of business. We have a program called For My Life™ and averages 100 to 150 people who come from all over the world that week to unravel their diseases and what’s behind the diseases. We go to God for healing, and then we have that very same program the next week. So every two weeks there is a For My Life™ program year round, thirty-four weeks out of a fifty-two week year.

We bring in 100 to 150 people in a very intensive seven day program to attack and deal with every major issue behind about 80% of all diseases that have a spiritual root. We teach, because we must disciple, and then we do corporate and private ministry. We also have a day of ministry to apply the principles. God’s doing some really awesome things in these sessions.

We are a church that is a working church. We don’t shuffle in on Sunday for an hour and Wednesday for an hour and that’s our week. We’re seven days a week serving God, and we have about 37 full time employees and the same number of volunteers.

What’s really neat about it is that they are just everyday people teaching and ministering these principles. They are just people who may have gotten well.

Some of them really believe in what we’re doing, so it’s not like someone is teaching who has a lot of degrees behind their name. It’s just everyday normal people doing the work of the ministry.

Many of them have been saved and healed over the years by God through our ministry and given their lives back for others. It’s amazing to see.

We are small. I tell people we’re in Thomaston, Georgia, about half way between three pine trees. We’re south of Atlanta.

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