What about genetics?

Well, your genes don’t think. Your genes are part of your body. Your genes don’t have intellect. That’s the biological thing about you, the way you look, in our genetics.

There’s a teaching in Christianity that the old kingdom is passed from generation to generation and comes through our genetics. No, it doesn’t come through our genetics. When Adam and Eve got it, it didn’t come through their genetics. When they went and hid in the bushes. Elohiym came looking for them and said, Why are you hiding from me Adam?”

“Because we’re naked Lord.”

And the Lord said, “Who told you you were naked?”

Right here is a personal pronoun ‘who’, but there was no one there, only two humans. So, ‘who’ spoke to them? At what level did it speak to them? (spirit to spirit) They heard it. They perceived it. They followed it.

There was entity that spoke to them which was Satan, and used the serpent.

So they had what you would call negative emotions. They became one in thought with a way of thinking, but that thought didn’t have its source with them. All of a sudden they had feelings that their sexuality was unclean. They were afraid of Elohiym. He had regularly walked with them in the cool of the evening, but now they had guilt. They had shame. So it hasn’t been much different since.

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DVD Course Material. Pleasant Valley Church, GA, 2006. Print.