Did we sin again after getting born again?

So, we have not understood this whole dimension of sin. When we were born again, after we repented to God, did we believe God forgave us of our sins? Oh absolutely, but did we continue on in any of them the next 24 hours.

Even though we’re teaching about absolute truth here, we try to teach people that we hate sin, but we don’t hate the person sinning. The reason they put an eraser on the end of a pencil is because everyone makes mistakes, and we all grow up in this. So what we try to do is we try to take the judgmentalism out of recognizing that we’re sinners.

There’s not one sin bigger or smaller than the other ones. We’re all sinners, but we’re all saved by grace through faith. This is the time that we have to be able to look at our lives as God deals with us; then we get sanctified in it. He really just wants to see what our hearts are going to do. I may not have victory over all the sin that He’s shown that I have; however, my heart is to hate the sin. I don’t hate myself… I hate the sin.

Original Source: Be In Health Global, Henry W. Wright, Donna Wright. It’s a New Day Interview with Henry W. Wright and Donna Wright:¬†2004.
DVD Course Material. Pleasant Valley Church, GA, 2006. Print.