What if we find iniquity in our children?

(Henry Wright) Sometimes in family trees, the iniquity of the generations is dispersed amongst the children almost in accordance with Mendel’s law of corn and genetics. Not every child is a carrier of the same sin issues that their parents had. There are principles of incest. Why is incest so bad? Because it amplifies the negative. When we don’t deal with sin, it’s spiritual incest, and we’re compounding the power of something so that we have more diseases. In my office I have a chart of over 600 different diseases that are genetically inherited. So we are here in the increase of the amplification of the negative part of creation, which is what the disease is.

(Donna Wright) The good news is that when we deal with our sin … I have an example from my life. God was dealing with me concerning a sin in my life, and as a result I repented, removed it, turned the other way and just really got right with God. My oldest daughter called me a week later and said, “Mom, were you dealing with this, this and this last week? I said, “Actually I was. Why?” She said, “Because God convicted me of it, and I’ve been set free. She is an older daughter, instead of a young child. So as we deal with our sin, then God somehow speaks to our children, our generations. He can speak to them, and they can get set free too. Many times parents come to us and are concerned about their older children who are not serving God. What you do, as a parent directly affects them. It may not set them free, but somehow God can work with that.

(Henry Wright) Sometimes we act like we’re only brute beasts. We only think about the physical reality, but we don’t see that we’re a spirit being, that God is a spirit, and that there’s a spirit kingdom out there that wants to overthrow the great God, the Father of all flesh. In Daniel’s prayer we learn that we don’t see the war that’s for our lives. That’s where we have to trust God’s Word.

(Interviewer) It’s pretty painful to see that some of these things have been going on in our family for that length of time. When you think of how powerful alcoholism is in some families, it is literally generational. There’s something that’s had a hold on those lives, and it continues on for generations.

(Henry Wright) Absolutely. Alcoholism is an allergy and runs in families. The child is born in the womb with a defect in the basil ganglia. The entire flow of alcoholism follows generations who did not love each other. Behind all addictions is a need to be loved. When we don’t feel loved, we feel insecure and have rejection. We have projection of people rejecting us and not loving us. We’ll go into all types of altered states of consciousness to avoid the pain that accuses us to ourselves. That can be alcohol, it can be illegal drugs, it can be legal drugs, or it can be addictions like eating and gambling. All of it is rooted in an avoidance of that lack of being and belonging. So we deal with alcoholism consistently in our ministry, but we don’t approach it just from avoidance. We approach it from the generational iniquity of the unloving, unclean spirit. A child is actually conceived in the womb with an unloving, unclean spirit joining it because the ancestral line has been following it for generations.

In Psalm 51, King David said — In sin my mother conceived me, behold I was shapen in iniquity.

5 Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.

Psalms 51:5 KJV

What King David was saying was that when he was being formed as a baby in his mother’s womb, sexual immorality was with him. Lust was with him. We see it manifesting, not just with David, in his statement of Psalm 51, but also in his children and their sexual activity. We see it in Abraham and his children who were liars and full of fear in four generations. Iniquity has an intelligence that joins us. You might call it an evil spirit that has been familiar to our generations and has been promoting itself from generation to generation.

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