How does cortisol work?

(Henry Wright) What happens is that rather than go to the root of what’s causing cortisol to be released, bringing the imbalance of body systems which produces chemistry imbalance, we go to all these disease management protocols to try kicking it back into balance at high expense. We no not take regard to what’s causing the imbalance.

First of all, the cancer thrives because the immune system is not there to attack it and eat it. In our understanding of cancer, we know why it thrives, and we know why it exists for all cancers. Let’s talk today about breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a big phobic area to females in the world and to some of their husbands. Ladies you don’t have to have it, and if you have it, you don’t need to keep it. There’s a new book out by Dr Neil Anderson and Dr Michael Jacobson. The book is *A Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine, and in chapter 20 I’m referenced in the book. It’s a story about a pastor’s wife in Cincinnati who was stage four terminal cancer. It had metastasized to her whole body, and they had prayed for her. Her doctor was Dr Jacobson. She was 50 years old, and she was dying. As a last resort, they asked her husband to talk to me by phone. I had never met her. Now this is a story in this national publication of a lady who was healed of not only breast cancer, but cancer that had metastasized to her whole body. There was no hope.

* Be In Health™ is not recommending this book. It is only mentioned because Henry Wright is referenced in Chapter 20.

When she and her husband talked with me by phone, they asked me what I knew. The first thing I asked was, “Okay, who’s the female in your life that you have problems with?” Sure enough, there was a female, with whom she had unresolved issues, bitterness and conflict. I told her that this was the open door for cancer of the breast. We have seen for years that unresolved conflict between a female and other females (not in all cases, but probably in about 75 or 80 percent of all breast cancer cases) can cause cancer. Was it true in her case? Yes it was. My instruction to this wife was to forgive the woman and make her peace with her… make peace with God and with her… and she did that. So in this book, her testimony is that when she did these things, then without chemo, without nutrition, without surgical procedures, the cancer disappeared in her entire body. That’s been over 6 years ago, and she is still cancer free today.

In the book it says the cancer went into regression. I’d like to talk about that. What happened to her? This is a case where God didn’t take the cancer out of her body.

(Interviewer) Okay, sometimes you hear about cancer falling off of a body.

(Henry Wright) I’ve seen it happen in ministry.

Here’s a case where the spiritual power of death and the spirits of infirmity were broken, and God healed her immune system. When you have conflict with someone, you’re afraid of them. You have fear. In 1 John 4:18 it says — There is no fear in love.

18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:18 KJV

Any time that we have a breach in relationship, there’s a type of fear that comes. We didn’t create that in our minds. It’s not psychological. It’s not a negative emotion. It’s a spirit of fear that comes to take advantage of a breach in relationship, but 1 John 4:18 says — There is no fear in love. So if you don’t feel loved, there’s a type of fear that comes. Then 1 John 4:18 says fear has torment, and it says he that fears is not made perfect in love, which means they are not able to give and receive love without fear. So it’s a breach of relationship. This type of fear is coming out of bitterness and conflict. Fear causes cortisol to be released long term, and the immune system is compromised.

When she made her peace with this other female, there was no more fear. She was at peace. She was no longer serving the sin of bitterness, unforgiveness and resentment. She met the conditions of being a doer of the Word. When she became a doer of the Word, the power of Satan was broken allowing the __________ “blank” (the curse) to come, which is what cancer is. The blessings of healing came. When cortisol was no longer released, the immune system healed. Cortisol not only destroys the white corpuscles, but it destroys interleukin 2, which is a chemical of the body that allows the white corpuscles and macrophages and killer cells to identify the antigen flag on tumors. Whatever white corpuscles you have, if interleukin 2 is not activated, it doesn’t recognize the cancer as an enemy. So what happened in this pastor’s wife in Cincinnati is that when she met the conditions of blessings, and became a doer of the Word, the power of the devil was broken, her immune system was healed, cortisol was no longer released, interleukin 2 was reactivated, and the immune system was healed at the marrow level. White corpuscles begin to identify not only the tumors in her breast, but also cancer cells wherever they had metastasized. She became cancer free.

Now the other part of healing that we’ve not recognized or understood is the difference between the miraculous and healing. I have been teaching this for a number of years. In fact, in the book A More Excellent Way™ is the story of a lady who was healed of tumors in both breasts at a conference I did many years ago. She had unforgiveness and bitterness against her mother and her mother-in-law, and when she made peace with her mother and mother-in-law the tumors disappeared in both breasts. This is not uncommon.

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